A Look at Some Unique Gift Basket Themes

gift basket themes

While giving an expensive gift and trying to wow the recipient may work sometimes, it isn’t something that you can do every time (unless you’re richer than we can imagine). More importantly, however, even those typical expensive gifts are losing their appeal nowadays.

On the other hand, a theme-based gift basket may be a much more unique gift, and may really make the recipient feel that you have actually put in some thought and efforts into coming up with the idea.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some really unique and cool gift basket themes.

The “Sports Fan” Theme

Sports Fan Theme

Well, if the recipient is a guy, it’s certainly possible that they are a big sports fan. If that’s the case indeed, you may want to start with a soft sided cooler with the team’s logo printed on the front. You can then add in a sports magazine, a cool-looking team tee shirt, a team hat, and a pennant.

Similarly, if you know there’s a particular team they like the most, you may want to add in something related to that team and you will end up with a perfect “sports” gift basket.

The “New Mom” Theme

New moms and busy moms both tend to need pretty much the same things. So if the recipient is either one of them, you may want to start with a tote bag, as they would probably be toting things everywhere they go.

You can include a “Family-style” magazine, and if you’re sure they will like it, you may as well add in a 1-year subscription of the magazine too.

Finally, adding in a cool-looking scarf and a travel mug would enhance the overall look, besides making the gift basket very practically useful.

Looking for More Ideas?

If you’re looking to learn about more types of custom gift baskets

Also, this article on GoKhoj got some great ideas as well, so you know where to head over to for more cool ideas.


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